You have read all the vendor information and you want to be a part of the best market in the region! For the Fall 2019 Hip Handmade Market we'll only be taking applications via this website. Please remember that applications will not be reviewed without payment of the $10 application fee + the $40 booth deposit (details at the bottom of the application).

To apply follow these TWO steps:


Step 1: Fill out + submit your application below. There are 4 sections

Section 1: BASICS
Totally rad super fun times ahead! Filling out this application shouldn't take you more than 20/30 minutes, but please be sure you allow time to answer the questions thoughtfully and completely. We aren't only interested in your art and your skills, we want to get to know YOU! You know, be buddies, build friendships, champion each other. Some of the coolest collabs have emerged from this community, we know this is an investment on your part so we want to make sure we take in all that you have to offer. (that's what she said.)
Name *
Co-Applicant name:
Co-Applicant name:
Tell us about the products you offer
list all business names of those applying.
the short answer. there's an about you section next.
i.e. All earrings under $20 = 1 item
link us to your shop, blog, Facebook page... {please include links or an @usernames that you might use where your work may be spotted!}
If you do not have an online presence, please emmail (emma+email, you get it.) emma@thehiphandmademarket.com no more than 5 photos that BEST represent your work. If you are sharing a booth, please submit 2 different sets of 5 photos with your business name as the subject.
I'm actually going to listen to these during the first stage of the application review so like be thoughtful and purposeful and intimate if you want to... but it'll more than likely be through headphones so like be nice too.
Maybe this island is where you'll live for the rest of your life, so these people could be ones that calm you, inspire you, make you laugh... or ones that you know will help you get through this because they have the survival skills. we want all the details.
Section 4: HHM DETAILS
Do you qualify to be considered for The HHM Scholarship?
A couple of years ago we were happy to introduce the HHM Scholarship + hope to continue it from here on out. The recipient of this scholarship is someone that has never done any craft show featuring their current work or medium. This is perfect for that creative that keeps getting told that they should sell their work but just hasn't made the commitment or is unsure how it'll go. We want you to succeed and make it! Just check below and let us know that you'd like to apply for this. Winning the HHM Scholarship entitles you to having your 8x6ft booth fee of $100 waived. You still need to pay the application fee plus the booth deposit upfront when you apply, if you win then we'll refund the deposit to you.
Below we want your first, second, and c choice for booth size space. Just as a reminder today with your app you will pay a $10 application fee + $40 booth deposit. The remainder of your booth fee will be due upon acceptance. If you are not accepted into the market this time your booth deposit will be refunded to you.

Step 2: Pay your fees

The price to apply to be considered for a vendor spot at the Fall 2019 Hip Handmade Market is a non-refundable $10 application fee + a $40 booth deposit. (a total of $50) The remainder of your booth fee is due upon acceptance. To learn more about how our application process works and about our refund policy, please visit our vendor information page.

Click the "pay now" button below to be taken to PayPal to pay your fees.

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