You have read all the vendor information and you want to be a part of the best market in the region! For the Fall 2018 Hip Handmade Market we'll only be taking applications via this website. Please remember that applications will not be reviewed without payment of the $10 application fee + the $30 booth deposit (details at the bottom of the application).

To apply follow these 2 easy steps:

1. fill out the application below and hit submit (there are 4 sections to the application, just hit next when you're done with each section)

2. pay your fees via the PayPal button at the bottom.


Steps 1: fill out + submit your application here - there are 4 sections

Step 2: Pay your fees

The price to apply to be considered for a vendor spot at the Spring 2018 Hip Handmade Market is a non-refundable $10 application fee + a $40 booth deposit. (a total of $50) The remainder of your booth fee is due upon acceptance. To learn more about how our application process works and about our refund policy, please visit our vendor information page.

Click the "pay now" button below to be taken to PayPal to pay your fees.

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