Hi there!

We are so pumped that you are considering applying to the HHM and would absolutely love to have you join us this fall! Because we do take great pride in our totally rad organizational skills and in keeping communication between organizers + vendors open, below you’ll find a few helpful things to know before filling out the application. This way, you’ll see if we are the right fit for you before you even apply! (the application is located at the bottom of this page)

The FAQ section is just the super important details, the things we think you most want to know up front, the quick and dirty version of the requirements. (not really dirty, very neatly presented actually) Below that, you’ll find almost all of the details including our refund policy, what your fees cover and why we charge them, etc. If your questions are not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions, inquiries, or comments via social media or contact Emma directly at emma@thehiphandmademarket.com

Event Details:

  • Friday November 15th - HHM Happy Hour 6:30p to 9p

  • Friday November 15th - Maker Mixers 9p-10p

  • Saturday November 16th - 10a to 4p

  • Inside Joplin Empire Market - 931 East 4th Street in Joplin, Missouri

Fack (I mean FAQ):

How much?
A $10 application fee AND a $40 booth fee deposit are due with your application. Your application will not be considered until the application fee is sent via PayPal to The HHM. The remainder of your booth fee will be due upon acceptance. Booth prices - 8x6 - $100, 8x8 - $150, 8x10 $175, and 10x10 - $200. Also due upon acceptance is a $5 fee per event for a merchants license that will be obtained for you from the City of Joplin.

What docs do I need?
In order to get that merchants license that allows you to sell your goods, you’ll need a Missouri Tax ID Number for special events. You can apply for this here, even if you don’t live in the state of Missouri. It takes a few weeks to receive so we would suggest doing that asap. It’s free! Side note: You’ll need to know the zip code (64801) and county (Jasper) when filling out the Tax ID Number form. If you have done this in the past you do not need to do it again. This number is yours to use when selling items in Missouri in the future.

After the market, we’ll link you to this form so that you can pay sales tax! It’s simple and we’re here to help answer any questions that might arise so don’t sweat it!

Where can I apply?
We will only be accepting applications for the 2019 Fall Market via this website from Tuesday, July 9th through Monday, January 15th.

The Application Process:

Who can apply to your show?
Anyone! There is no demographic or age limits. The intention of our show is to bring a unique shopping experience to our community, while giving a place for artists and crafters to exhibit their work and meet like minded people. We're here to edify each other and the growing local hip handmade community.

How do I know if I'm a good fit for The Hip Handmade Market?
At The Hip Handmade Market, we look for innovative, unique, and hip goods. We love the timeless crafts and arts such as quilting, painting, crochet, needlework, knitting, woodworking, print making, etc. But we give top priority to those of you who can take these handed down skills and bring them to us in a modern way.

What if I’m just getting my business started?
Well, we love to shine a spotlight on new makers + artists + creators! We don’t judge our applicants on how long they have been making, instead we focus on the quality, originality, and cohesiveness of their work. Anyone + everyone is welcome and encouraged to apply! A couple of years ago, we were happy to introduce the HHM Scholarship + hope to continue it . The recipient of this scholarship is someone that has never done a craft show featuring their current work or medium. Just fill out the application like everyone else, but check where it says that you'd like to apply for this. Winning the HHM Scholarship entitles you to having you 8x6 booth fee of $100 waived. You still need to pay the booth fee deposit when you apply, but if you win then we'll refund the deposit to you.

Can I share a booth with a friend?
You are more than welcome to apply with a friend! Just please understand that when the jury is reviewing applications, we will consider both parties and their overall aesthetic and quality of work. We do not, however, allow vendors to have products at their booths from outside crafters that have not jointly applied to the show. If applying jointly, please be sure to list everyone in ONE application, including all business names, websites, contact info, and other details. Note that both businesses will need a license (obtained for you by the HHM), more details below. (HHM Scholarship recipients may not share a booth.)

What does it mean that The Hip Handmade Market is juried?
Our event is juried by a selection committee because we will receive more applications than we can accept. This also helps us keep the items offered at The Hip Handmade Market of high quality and allows us to provide an assortment of goods and less competing products.

What criteria will you use to make your decision?
Every single application will get looked at! But our goal is to have a unique market with different types of handmade vendors. Because of this, we cannot accept everyone that applies. During the selection process, the HHM crew will review your complete application and then make our choice based on several factors (see below). Because "Handmade" is in the name, we do not accept multi-level marketing, direct sales, or vendors that do not have the majority of their items handmade or self designed.

Each artist is juried & chosen from among many talented applicants to appear at The Hip Handmade Market. A high priority will always be given to the most innovative, emergent, and unique do-it-yourself driven artists that have imaginative products. We work hard to find vendors that are fresh and offer current trends. We take the following into consideration:

  • Your products are made by hand, not outsourced or manufactured somewhere that isn't local to our community and its surrounding region. (Allowances can be made for designers, please contact us if you’re unsure wether you fit under this or not.)

  • Your products fit into our vision for The Hip Handmade Market. (see our about section)

  • Your work is innovative and original.

  • We'll look at how your items are presented in their photos/on your website and the cohesiveness of your work.

  • The prices of your items fall inside what we envision for our event. We want to be an affordable marketplace for handmade goods with prices ranging form $1-$500.

  • Our need to diversify the crafts at The Hip Handmade Market. We do not want 20 booths of the same types of items. Neither do our patrons, and neither do you.

  • Your inventory avoids saturated trends, such as - hair bows, tutus, and other things that customers could pick up at a local shop or boutique. Things to stay away from include items that big box stores have ruined and stolen from us now… including emoji stuff, llamas, cactus, etc. That being said, these items made different/fresh/new would be welcome.

Who is part of your selection committee?
Our event is juried by the The Hip Handmade Market's selection committee. The committee consists of Emma Ball, curator and founder of the HHM, you can find her contact information on our "about" tab. The rest of the committee is constantly changing to keep it fresh and is made up of local artists, community members, and business owners that we share a vision with.

When do we find out if we made it into the show?
All applicants will be notified via email after applications have been processed. No later than July 24th.

The Part About Money:

How much does it cost to participate as a vendor?
There is a $10, non-refundable application fee AND a $40 booth fee deposit. We do not collect any percentage of our vendors’ sales. If you are not selected to be a vendor at the HHM, the $40 booth fee deposit will be refunded to you by July 25th. Your application will not be considered until the application fee is paid. The remainder of your booth fee will be due upon acceptance.

Booth Fees are generally 8x6 - $100, 8x8 - $150, 10x8 - $175, and 10x10 - $200.

We strive to be organized and make sure you know everything you need to know ahead of time. We provide a little break room for you with snacks and coffee all day on Saturday. Not to mention the friendships we have seen blossom out of this event and the opportunity to be showcased in local shops. We think we do a great job and are totally worth the investment.

The City of Joplin requires you to obtain a merchant's license for $5. The $5 license for the event will be obtained for you. This is an additional service we provide by working together with the City of Joplin. This fee will be added to your final invoice after acceptance and your license will be waiting for you at check in on the day of the HHM. If you are sharing a booth, all parties will need a separate license. In order to obtain a license you will need a MO Tax ID number. If you don't have one, we strongly suggest applying for one now by filling out this form. (It’s free!)

Once accepted, both your booth and license fees are due by July 31st. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All vendor fees go directly back into the show. Every vendor will feel the love. We will make you feel like a rock star and promote the crap out of you and your lovely work. We couldn't do this without you! As we did with past Markets, we are partnering with Art Feeds and will be taking a $2 donation at the door on Saturday. Our vendors will not be charged this fee but are encouraged to check out Art Feeds and consider donating time or money to this creative organization for children.

What is your refund policy?
All $10 application fees are non-refundable. The application fee covers the expenses associated with jurying and selecting vendors, as well as the administrative costs, processing applications, and approvals, etc.

If you are accepted into The Hip Handmade Market and are suddenly unable to attend, you will get a 100% refund of your booth fee if we are notified on or before October 1st. If you notify us on or before October 15th, you will receive a 50% refund of your booth fee. After October 15th, there will be no refunds issued.

License fees are only refundable if the licenses have not been purchased by the time you request your refund. 

Our refund policy is put into place to ensure that all of our booths are filled. We will need adequate notice if you are unable to participate in order to find a new vendor from our waiting list to take your place.

I don’t have a PayPal account. How do I pay my vendor fees?
If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still pay with your credit or debit card through the Paypal website. Please email emma@thehiphandmademarket.com with any questions about this.

The Space:

What does my booth fee cover?
We provide the space, you bring all your goods to fill up the space.  Remember that we are different from a country craft fair. We put a strong emphasis on staging your booth. Our event is not a show up and throw your stuff on a table type of show. Presentation means a lot and we expect to have the hippest booths around. You can find a "booth inspiration" board on our Pinterest page. More information is given upon acceptance to the Market. Each vendor will also get a free lunch, endless publicity, lots of help from our volunteers, and a great event to look forward to year after year. 

What if I need electricity?
If you need electricity, we can place you against the wall by an outlet. Just please indicate that where noted in the questionnaire that you will be sent after your acceptance into the show so that we can plan ahead. Booth placement will be assigned on a first come first served basis in order of receiving the questionnaires.

Legal Shit:

Do I have to have any licenses or permits to participate?:
You will need a merchants license from the city of Joplin. This is a $5 fee and we will have this for you at check in on the day of the event. If you are sharing a booth, BOTH parties will need one of these! In order to obtain a license you will need a MO Tax ID number. If you don't have one, we strongly suggest applying for one now by filling out this form. (It’s free!)

What about taxes?:
You are responsible for registering your small business with the IRS and collecting sales tax for the items you are selling. When tax time comes around, you will have to pay income tax on the items you sold and pay the sales tax to the state where the event is held. We recommend that you call the Missouri Department of Revenue and the IRS  for more information. We will ensure that each vendor receives the Special Events Sales Tax form after the event. You can find it here if you’d like to see what information you’ll need.

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