guys, hi! it’s emma. before we dive into all the things, i wanted to tell you that i cannot wait to see you! i’ve been bragging about you guys to everyone. i’m so pumped!

Here are the last minute details you'll need before the day of The HHM.

Basic Info:

  • 931 East 4th in Joplin

  • Maker Mingling - Saturday, March 23rd between 9:15-10am - meet each other / trade / last call for check in!

  • Saturday is 10am to 4pm and entry is a $3 donation partially benefitting Art Feeds. We will giveaway tote bags to the first 25 through the door + to shoppers every 1/2 hour. (details below)

  • The Joplin Empire Market will be up and running with it’s food and produce vendors in conjunction with The Hip Handmade Market.

  • The Empire Market uses Market Tokens for Snap, EBT, and Debit Card sales. These are intended to be used at their farmers booths only, so if a patron attempts to redeem one at your booth, please gently point them back towards the Market vendors in the first hall or the information desk.


  • We'll keep drip coffee going all day in the maker/worker lounge but Cottage Small Coffee Roasters will have pour overs and iced coffee available for purchase as part of the Joplin Empire Market.

  • We’ll have snacks in the lounge as per usual and you can go there to grab water / drinks / gum / or just ask one of us if there’s something specific you need and we’ll try our best to make your wishes come true. (reasonable ones… there’s only one HHM diva around here.)

  • As we mentioned above, alongside the HHM (and with the EXACT same hours!) the regular Joplin Empire Market vendors will be selling lots of fresh goodies and lunch options for you to enjoy if you’d like something other than what we’ll be providing. They will also be slinging some alcoholic beverages for our guests 21 years of age + older.

  • We will be providing lunch on Saturday if you’d like one. This will be a boxed lunch prepared for you by the Bookhouse Cinema Kitchen so you know it’ll be top notch! This is provided for our makers only, not helpers or family members so plan accordingly. If you’d like a Bookhouse Lunch please fill out the order form below by March 18th so we can place the order. There are also some restaurants close by and you can always ask one of us for recommendations over at the info booth.

Name *

Setting Up:

  • When coming to set up, you can pull up right to the east side garage door and emergency exit to unload, but please unload and move your vehicle out of the way quickly so that others can do the same.

  • There is a gravel parking lot just east of the event center past the rail road tracks. Please park there after unloading. There is some street parking as well, but let's make sure we save the good parking for those wanting to come give us their monies.

  • Load in times are listed below. If loading in on Saturday, just please make sure you give yourself enough time to be set up before 9:30am.

  • If it's cold outside, it might get a bit chilly indoors, especially for booths near the doors. We do have some heat sources in the building, but bring extra layers for comfort. Sorry, no individual space heaters allowed, but coffee and hot tea are a must!

The Space:

  • Again, we’re at 931 East 4th Street in Joplin

  • You can click each image of the layout below to enlarge it.

  • Since we are still new to this space, the layout might be subject to change because even though i’m also an accountant, math is hard you guys.

  • Please be considerate of each other and the aisles for patrons while setting up your display.

  • Please prepare accordingly. You may run extension cords from the wall, but because they are going across the walk way, we need something to cover them. We will have some tape and a couple of small rugs and runners but if you are planning on doing this, please come prepared. Also be considerate of those makers and the booths you'll be running your extension cords from... if you set up later in the day their booth may already be set up and you'll have to work with them to ensure their items are safe. Because the Empire Market is still a work in progress, there are like no windows so please bring your own lighting if this is important to you.

Spring 2019 HHM layout.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-03-17 at 6.06.57 PM.png


  • We asked you to donate at an item or items equal to $10 or more for the giveaways on Saturday.

  • You may check in at the info booth after you've unloaded and set up or before that's up to you, just make sure you do it by 9:15am on Saturday. Those will be separated in groups of equal amounts and we will do a giveaways every 1/2 hour on Saturday. That morning you will be given some entry slips, you should give one out per purchase. The more someone shops from different booths, the more chances they have to win. Patrons should fill out the forms themselves at the info booth, we'll have pens and the container we’re collecting them in there! Cut off will be every 1/2 hour, we'll draw a name, then dump out the entries and start over. They have to be present to win.

  • We're also giving away HHM tote bags to the first 25 through the door so you could place items or coupons in there also! Please let me know if you're interested in this as soon as possible. I would need your items for this by 9am the day of.


  • Use #SpringHHM and #HipHandmadeMarket so we can direct people to see all that you have up your sleeve! We will be reposting and sharing throughout the HHM and these days leading up to it.

  • With less a week left, we need a big push from everyone to ensure that his thing will be amazing!

  • Here is the link to the media packet. There’s even a video this time!

The People:

  • Of course I will be there doing whatever is needed and trying to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. I’m also going to bring my rollerblades if I’m allowed, because it just hit me the other day that this is a good place to skate in… but that’s another story.

  • My husband Mathew/Mat (just 1 T) will be there to help too. He's the big guy with the muscles and the dimples.. If something isn't working properly, he can usually fix it.

  • We'll have volunteers including Amanda, our staple helping out on Saturday. They'll be walking around making sure you're taken care of. Making sure that you have everything you need is their job. You can trust them at your booth if you need to go to the bathroom or sit in the vendor lounge in the quiet for 5 minutes. They've totally got your back. Just don't abuse their time. YOU are responsible for your booth.

  • Tara is taking care of some of our social media, so be sure to tag us and we will repost as much as we can.

  • Meg and her crew from Art Feeds Joplin will be running the kids crafts on the Art Feeds bus and have their merch line on sale as well as helping us with any needs that might arise.

  • Leana with May We Fly will be set up with a workshop. Go here to learn more about that!

  • The Empire Market is a year round market. They still have a few artisan vendor spaces left. Applications are online at or up at the information desk. Or just ask Ivy, she is the one with the blue hair and Tarnished Charm jewelry.

  • Don't forget to get your picture taken at our selfie station / photo op next to the Mitzi Starkweather Photography booth! Mitzi and Jordan will be happy to take your photo!

We all really like you and want nothing more than for you to succeed at this! So whatever you need or have questions about, don't hesitate to ask!

Finally. Before you call me, ask yourself, "Is this textable?".  Then, if you really feel that you need to talk it out and not text, please still text me that we need to have a convo and we can schedule a chat! If you would like to contact me with any questions, if you need directions or anything else at all, my number is 417.793.3230.

Thanks for being so totally rad. I can't wait to see you again or meet you for the first time, and have ball with you!

XO- emma 

© The Hip Handmade Market 2019