Hey there!

Thanks for being a part of the HHM selection committee in the past. If you have time to help, HOORAY! Just follow the directions and contact me if you've got any questions or anything!

I need you to be decisive and honest. 

I have taken the questions down from 5 to 3. And the questions for food vendors are different from the rest. The voting form is built into each vendor profile. Each vendor shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to score. I have also asked applicants to select their 5 best photos to put before you. Those are built into each page too, but feel free to follow the links and check out the rest of their work where available as well.

Please complete ALL of the categories by the end of the day on Monday, January 25th.

Thank you so much for being a part of this! The Hip Handmade Market will be so good! can. not. wait.

xo- Emma

Lana Johnson Art

Designs by Letitia / Counting Treasures

Handmade For You by Yavie


Altered Eco Artwear

B Hayes Designs

Eden's Accessories

Nations Trade International

WildFire Studio

Now these next ones are is sets of two. I feel that they are similar and maybe we should only pick one out of each set.

These first two are goods for babies + kid. Julie Luca Designs / Handful of Arrows vs Little Bug Baby Designs

These last two both work with leather. I think that we could possibly have them both and they not be competing. What do you think? If you feel that we should only have one of them at The HHM, then score the one you prefer as the definite winner. Ozark Mountain Leather vs Designs by Gilder

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