guys, hi! thank you for trying this fun, kinda terrifying, but super fun and different thing with us!

Here are the last minute details you'll need before the first ever Pop Up HHM.

Basic Info:

  • 302 S Main in Carthage

  • Set up - Saturday, April 13th between 8-10a

  • Saturday is 10am to 5pm and is free to the public.

POP UP HHM MAP 2019.jpg

Setting Up:

  • When coming to set up, you can pull up right to the sidewalk to unload, but please unload and move your vehicle out of the way quickly so that others can do the same.

  • There is a gravel parking lot just southeast of the courthouse we’ve reserved this lot just for you to be able to park there.

  • We will be setting any structures up Friday evening, you’re welcome to come check out the space then if you want to check in with us. we’ll be there roughly between 5:30-7pm.

  • The weather doesn’t look great for Saturday right now which is a huge bummer, but we’ve secured the Cottage Small space for us to move into Saturday morning if needed. This is a small space but I think we can make it work. We’ve all worked together before and a common trait of those we hand select to be a part of our HHM community (vendors and volunteers alike) is that we try to be easy to work with and know how to make last minute adjustment while being courteous and kind to each other. We also try to have as much fun as we can and make the most out of our time together! So, even if we have to cozy up close to each other in our indoor space, it’s going to be a good time!

  • If you want electricity, please prepare accordingly. Wether we are outdoors on indoors, you may run extension cords to get electricity to your booth. Just bring your own extension cords and be considerate of other makers and the booths you'll be running your extension cords by... their booth may already be set up and you'll have to work with them to ensure their items are safe.

  • Please try to remember to bring your vendor badge if you still have it. If not, I have a few different pins for you to choose from that you can wear that day. Not only will having this on help people know who you are, but it’ll also get you a discount at the Carthage Deli ALL day!


  • We asked you to donate at an item or items equal to $10 or more for the giveaway.

  • You may check in with me after you've unloaded and set up or before that's up to you, just make sure you do it by 10am on Saturday. We will be putting everything together and doing a drawing for it the next day. (I almost commited to a fb live thing here, but hate being on video and immediately regretted even thinking it.) Saturday morning you will be given some entry slips, you should give one out per purchase. The more someone shops from different booths in our HHM section, the more chances they have to win. Patrons should fill out the forms themselves at the info booth, we'll have pens and the container we’re collecting them in there!


  • Use #HipHandmadeMarket we’ll be reposting and sharing your stuff over the next few days.

  • Here is our flier for this event. Feel free to share and post and whatever.

The People:

  • Of course I will be there doing whatever is needed and trying to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

  • We'll have Amanda helping out for a few hours on Saturday. She’ll walk around making sure you're taken care of. You can trust her at your booth if you need to go to the bathroom or to get a coffee or something. W'e’ve totally got your back. Just don't abuse any volunteer’s time. YOU are responsible for your booth.

  • Jason helped us secure the parking lot and the lawn and is helping with set up. He’s also a vendor and will be displaying his yard sculptures on the courthouse lawn. He’s very talented and is helping the HHM Pop Up be the best it can be. He’ll be manning his own booth and because he’s a local celebrity his time will probably be divided among many things. Despite all of that, he’s happy to help anyway he can, but mostly I just wanted to name him here and make him want to hide under his desk while reading this.

Feel free to text me with any questions and I’ll try to get back to you in a timely manner. 417.793.3230. Thanks for taking a chance with us and doing this thing. Can’t wait to see you!

xo - emma

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