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This is needed for your merchant's license from the City of Joplin.
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You're in for the give away! *
By being part of the HHM, you agree to donate one item equal to or greater than $10 for us to giveaway on Saturday. We group the giveaway items into equal amounts, and then we draw names. One giveaway entry form is handed out to our patrons by you, the vendors with every purchase and they must be present to win. We'll have these for you at check in. By checking the box below, you agree to bring your donation item with you on Saturday April 23rd by 9am.
We have grown in the number of vendors and only have a limited number of tables, so this time we'll be charging $3 for a 6ft and $4 for an 8ft to reserve a table for you and will only be able to accommodate a limited number. If you do reserve a table, we will let you know for sure that you've got it when we send the vendor layout via email next week. Please pay the table rental fee when you check in, cards + cash will be accepted. The table that you reserve will be in your booth space when you arrive.
We have plenty of chairs to go around! so we can set you up with what you need for free!
Lunch on Satuday *
We want to plan ahead and have decided to do a sack lunch for you guys this time! This lunch will include a gourmet sandwich + a small bag of chips. We want to get a count now so that we can put the order in ahead of time so please select below. This is a free service that we are offering you just because we like you! The sack lunch is only for vendors/makers, not your friends and family. If you are sharing a booth with another maker, please select for both parties and/or include details in the "additional comments or questions" section below ***While we offer the gluten-free options, the kitchen where the food will be prepared is not a gluten-free kitchen. Cross-contamination could occur and we are unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens.***

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