We take pride in the way that The Hip Handmade Market is put together, but we know that there's always room for improvement. YOU were a big part of this big, special day, we would love to have some honest feedback from you. Good or bad, we'll take it! Please note that this survey can be 100% anonymous if you choose and that your positive feedback may be quoted for promotional use.

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Because Spring sales are usually less than the Fall sales (we seem to spend more when buying holiday gifts, than when just shopping for ourselves!) we were thinking of making the HHM only take up the Roxy side. (the second side with all the windows). 10x10 booths would be more limited and we would also have a few outside spots on the sidewalk there on 1st street since the wide walks are so wide.. We could open up the garage door if the weather is nice.. etc. (maybe we could close the street?) and have a couple more food trucks. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions or ideas?
Tells us anything. Comments, ideas, compliments, gripes. We want to know how we're doing!

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